Meet your Peer Tutors

If you’re a Health Studies student, specializing in one of the three areas or not, you’re supported by SAHMPI and our Peer Tutoring program! The Peer Tutoring program aims to provide students of all ages with the academic support they need to succeed in their HLST courses! We do this by providing students with facilitated Peer Tutoring sessions that are led by our awesome team of Peer Tutors! In addition to academics, students are welcome to join many different activity sessions that are hosted by SAHMPI’s Peer Mentors from their Peer Mentoring program. These activity sessions are based on four central themes and are open to all York students!

Please make sure to check out our Peer Tutor bios. Learn more about our awesome team of Peer Tutors!

If you have any general questions, comments, or concerns regarding SAHMPI’s Peer Tutoring program, please email or YOUR Peer Tutor!